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Online English Teachers - REMOTE
EasyEnglish.PK, Pakistan

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Dec 16, 2023
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Mar 16, 2024

Job Description

We are seeking passionate online English teachers with a strong command of the English language, excellent communication skills, and the ability to teach effectively. Whether you're an experienced educator or a newcomer with a knack for teaching, we welcome individuals who are dedicated to helping learners improve their English proficiency. This is a percentage-based position, with a higher percentage for those possessing American accent training skills.


Conduct Online Classes:

Deliver engaging and interactive English classes to students through online platforms.

Utilize provided course content and materials to create dynamic lessons.

Assessment and Feedback:

Evaluate students' progress and provide constructive feedback.

Tailor teaching methods to address individual learning needs.


Maintain clear and effective communication with students, addressing queries and concerns.

Collaborate with the support team to enhance the learning experience.

Professional Development:

Stay updated on language teaching methodologies and incorporate best practices into lessons.

Attend training sessions or workshops as required.

Accent Training (Optional):

Provide American accent training if qualified, earning a higher percentage for this specialized skill.

Job Specification

1. Fluency in English:

Native or near-native English proficiency.

Exceptional grammar and vocabulary skills.

2. Teaching Experience (Preferred):

Prior experience in online or traditional classroom teaching is an advantage.

Patience and adaptability in catering to diverse learning styles.

3. Tech-Savvy:

Comfortable using online teaching platforms and tools.

Reliable internet connection and appropriate hardware.

4. American Accent Training (Preferred):

The ability to provide American accent training is a plus.

Certification or proven experience in accent training is highly valued.


Competitive percentage-based compensation, with a higher percentage for American accent training.

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