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Accounts Officer Job in Pakistan
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4 Years
15,000 - 25,000 PKR
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Aug 15, 2016
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Oct 15, 2016

Job Description

Monitor and coordinate with outside units with regard to generation of revenue.
Reconcile exchange collection with system (TIIMS)
Prepare ageing analysis every month in coordination with revenue officers in areas & Exchanges.
Reconcile final bill claim with provisional bill claim at the end of the year.
Pass necessary journal entries & prepare cash trial and bank reconciliation statement.
Ensure that necessary books of accounts like cash book, ledger etc. are prepared and compare with exchange bank statement.
Compile & record the revenue statement and reconcile the balance with branch.
Record the fund transferred from various exchanges and crosscheck with the revenue ledgers and if necessary correspond with the bank.
Update the fixed asset register for each addition of assets on the basis of disbursement or Journal voucher
Record the detail of transfer in the fixed asset register at the headquarter
Inspect asset on receipt of scrap report and make necessary entry in the books
Calculate depreciation at the end of each month as per the rates prescribed by the statute.
Carry out annual physical verification of fixed assets with reference to the fixed asset register.
Prepare physical verification report and submit to the management.
Obtain approval from the management to write off missing, serviceable, damaged or condemned assets and pass necessary entries in the books of accounts.
Prepare the scrap report for the auction.
Account the unaccounted fixed assets in the books.
Capitalist the interest payable on loans borrowed for construction and purchase of assets until the commissioning of project.
Account for the fixed assets acquired through any grant. Calculate depreciation on such assets.
Transfer capital work in progress to fixed asset on completion of project.
Prepare the details of the fully depreciated assets at the end of the year.
Verify all bills related to capital items including civil works.

Job Specification

1. Communication: This skill means the ability of listening, writing and speaking effectively. For Account officer position, this skill is a very critical element which contributes for business success.
2. Planning/Organizing: Supervisor is not only to inspect and mange work but also to make the project, estimate, scheme in detail, deploy the plan and finish it before dead line. One important requirement for this skill is the efficiency means that meets the goal-setting.
3. Flexibility: This skill requires the ability of controlling multiple assignments and tasks in which you can identify their important level then decide which should be done first, which should be last. You also need to adjust the tasks to suit with real condition and assignments.
4. Interpersonal abilities: For a Account officer, you have to contact with your boss, staff, customers and others. So the interpersonal abilities are very important. It helps you to keep a good relationship between them and manage your time efficiently.
5. Problem-solving: During working, there are many problems including unexpected issues that requires the ability of control and deal with them quickly and efficiently. It means that being a Account officer, when cope with problem, you need to collect information, analyze situation, point out solutions and apply them to solves perfectly in reasonable time.
6. Teamwork: Being a supervisor, to finish the work with highest result you need to work with many group, therefore, the ability of team-working is not an exception. So besides working individually you also can work in group in a professional manner to make sure that the tasks can be competed.

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