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Senior Software Architect

Senior Software Architect
NRTD Corporation, Pakistan

8 Years
100,000 - 200,000 PKR
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Bachelors in CS/SE/IT etc
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Dec 10, 2017
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Jan 10, 2018

Job Description

NRTD Corporation is recruiting an experienced software architect on behalf of a multinational with extensive global operations, offering a highly competitive salary. The candidate should be based in Rawalpindi/Islamabad/Lahore and will work full-time remotely with occasional physical/online meetings and office consultations.

The architect will be responsible for:

  1. Porting/migrating an existing web application in line with current industry standards in development, from design and SRA, to development, to support, modification/changes and documentation. This would also include exporting all data from the old application to the new. There is no preferred technology stack, however, the architect will be responsible for deciding and working on a stack he/she is experienced with and the chosen technology stack should be scalable and in widespread use (e.g. ASP.NET MVC with SQL or Laravel with MySQL or MEAN or Spring with MySQL or Django with PostgreSQL). The current web application to be overhauled has been developed using Codeigniter with a MySQL backend.
  2. Designing and developing accompanying mobile applications to the web application. It will be up to the architect to either adopt a cross-platform approach or develop native platform-specific applications.
  3. Develop detailed software design and document requirements (including conduct an SRA)
  4. Develop code with unit tests and conduct requirements testing
  5. Deploy, maintain, troubleshoot, bugfix and provide support for the web and mobile applications
  6. Technical documentation of technical specifications, outlining in detail the variables, functions and methods used including an ERD specifying database relations and a step by step explanation of the code
  7. Coordinate with higher management, including logging project information daily and filing reports, including being on-call for any consultation
  8. Develop comprehensive end-user documentation and training materials, including screencast/screenrecorded step by step tutorials

Job Specification

The ideal candidate should:

  1. Have a Bachelor’s degree in CS, Software Engineering or a relevant field, including a mastery of programming, UI/UX design, customization of software and relevant skills. Experienced candidates without a degree may be considered.
  2. 8+ years of experience in software development in a particular technology stack, with at least 3+ years of experience as a software architect/manager/team lead.
  3. Have excellent development and architecture skills a solid grasp of web development
  4. Have an excellent grasp over various internet technologies and tools
  5. Experienced in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and web services
  6. Experience in databases, database design, database optimization and creating/maintaining ERDs
  7. Extensive experience developing on a single stack and deployment environment. Experience with deploying applications in the cloud (e.g. Amazon EC2 or Azure) will be a plus
  8. Knowledge of object oriented programming and software development life cycle best practices, as well as extensive analytical and troubleshooting skills, and familiarity with Agile and SCRUM.
  9. Familiar with dependency/package managers, templating engines and ORM (as used by Laravel. Experience with third-part ORM and templating engines may be considered on a case by case basis)
  10. Experienced in the MVC architectural pattern (or any derivative thereof)
  11. Familiar with software testing, particular unit testing (e.g. PHPUnit)
  12. Familiar with version control/source control systems (e.g. Git, Svn, TFS etc) and platforms (Github, Visual Studio Online, Bitbucket etc)
  13. Familiar with bugtrackers/issue trackers
  14. Solid technical documentation skills
  15. Portfolio of live/demoable applications will be a plus

Job Rewards and Benefits

NRTD Corporation

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