New Born Country


The Intention of this campaign is to gather some fund for a travel to Pakistan for an experience to write a book with the title New Born Country as a project regarding Pakistan. 


New Born Country

 A study about society and culture of Pakistan.

An Imagination of a new country from the present situation how to over come by eliminating all the false doings one by one time to time for that one day to be called as a New Born Country. 


This book can help and challenge the youth of Pakistan to diversify their thoughts to think from scratch to form a new land and new upbringings to follow.

My plan is to stay in Pakistan for a month or 2.

1 - Gather information on various issues.

2- Study about the political structure.

 3- understand the need of the society.

4- Study about the culture and the clashes in between.

5- How this peace of land can be re-planned for a better life to offer.

I am a street writer an anthropologist from Bangalore. My works are in form of poetry and books.

Project duration - 1 year

Amount needed - 15000 Dollars


If any one from the society can sponsor me will be grateful.

Kindly help and support to write this book

Koramangala Hari Das 

Previous works


Ambition homeless peococks an NGO for homeless peoples. Maximum profit of book will be invested on this future NGO.