This generation is going to spend their entire life glued to screens without understanding what it is to live a blissful life. A blissful life, in this context, is one where a person has fun. Not a life where something fun is happening and we are trying hastily to capture it in our ten-second Snapchat story’s. One must learn to stop and enjoy life as it is.

A lot of us spend our time on auto-pilot, doing everyday tasks without really noticing what we are doing. This kind of behavior leads to people being unhappy with their work and private life, which is a major problem for employers. This article will help you in understanding how you can live your life fully and enjoy everything you do.

What were you working on last Monday at work? Can you remember the details? Can you remember how you started your day today? We tend to forget most of the details of our day because we are working based on routine and not giving it much thought.

If we start our day in the right lane, we will end our day in the right lane. So let’s practice these 10 ways to live blissfully every morning and lead a better life:

Live in the moment

Getting out of bed, brushing our teeth and having breakfast are usually tasks we do not put much thought into, but these mundane tasks can change the way you live your entire life. The next time you wake up, have presence of mind and think about every move you make. This can also be practiced with guided meditation on mindfulness. Practicing this will help you in focusing on small tasks and enjoying the small bits. You will start noticing the fun things in life. I practice this with an app called Headspace, which provides ten-minute mindfulness sessions that can be practiced in the middle of the day.

Be thankful

Showing gratitude goes a long way in making everyone’s days better. Try thanking your significant other for a small deed every day and you will see how it puts a smile on their face. Thank your subordinates and make their day. Be thankful to life and everything you experience. Don’t buy into the negativity around you and radiate positivity into the environment. We tend to take things for granted and realize how important they were in our lives once we lose them. And don’t just say thank you, mean it. The next time you order your coffee, look the server in the eye and thank them for their service. You will make their day.

Read books

You are what you eat and books are food for thought. The growth in technology has resulted in individuals who are willing to read bite sized information only and books seem like a big commitment. Books however, provide insights that can’t be put into blog posts. Make a pact with yourself and read a book per month. A lot of people regret not reading enough while growing up. I personally read four books a month and what I have realized is, no matter what book you read, it leaves you with information that will make you grow as an individual


Exercising does wonders to lower your stress levels and we all feel good when we work towards our fitness. You don’t really have to over-commit and start at the gym. Just go for a brisk walk every day. It will do wonders to your mindset and is scientifically proven to improve your mood. Our bodies were meant to move around and walking for 30 minutes every day will get your moods up.

Take responsibility

We tend to blame others for all our mistakes and live in a life full of negativity. Consider not blaming someone else for the issues in your life. Can’t land your dream job? Consider improving yourself rather than blaming the hiring team. Get off social media and turn your resume around. Enroll yourself into an online course. Do something to improve yourself. A lot of issues are solved when we look at things from an unfamiliar perspective. Just try looking at things from the other persons perspective and take the responsibility.


Try being sad while having a smile on your face. You can’t do it. A smile has a lot of power and brings a lot of positivity in your life. Try smiling when you wake up every day and you will have significantly better days. When you smile at your significant other or your colleague, they will smile back. That smile will lift their moods too.

Talk your heart out

When was the last time you really had a conversation and told someone what you truly feel? We live in a world of filters where anything that doesn’t look good can be covered with a filter and turned into a piece of art. That means we don’t really talk with each other and just have conversations. Remember that the next time you talk to a friend. Really talk to them. Give them a sincere compliment and see how talking works.

Leave your phone alone

Yes, this may sound like your mother talking to you but leave your phone for at least an hour every day. Nothing will change in the world when you’re back. Let your mind wander for an hour every day and you will realize how confined those notifications leave your mind. This also increases your ability to focus as you’re not jumping from one task to another.

Be yourself

To live blissfully you must stop pretending to be what others expect you to be. Own your flaws and don’t protect them. People see when you’re defensive and know what your weaknesses are. Own them and try to improve them. If you can’t improve them, let them be and focus on your strengths instead. Stop focusing on others opinion of you and start focusing on what you think about yourself instead.


I can’t emphasize this enough, ever. Improve yourself. Every single day. The next time you wake up, address something that you need to do and start on that day. Trying to learn a new language? Learn a single phrase in that language every day. You will know 365 phrases by the end of the year. Constantly improving yourself will change your mindset regarding growth and you will see potential in you. Just start today and make the first step, even if it is a small step. One year from now, you will be a lot better at it.

We are the masters of our fate and we may live however we want to live life but having a balance is essential to live it to the fullest. The next time you feel down, sit down and reflect on these aspects in your life. Be more grateful and start improving. Have a soul that can’t be conquered and lead your life the way you want it to be.