agricultuness is very important for every country for food providation and good freshy environment. animals like cows goats buffaloes camels give pure milk to the people otherwise arificially made milk which includes chemicals are available for people in stores shops .milk is very important for nourishing and growth of childs . milk is the basic need of every house people for they drink r make tea daily. so we should grow crops of animals diet so that they can give milk to us. crops of sugar , rice , floor etc should be grown more and encourage farmer people to grow the crops because crops are souce of food of people of every country. farmers should be given adequate facilities and prices. trees should be planted in every place because then clean the bad noisy air and make environment freshy. trees absorb sounds of vehicles so noise pollution can be lowered. and there should be ban on cutting the trees . government should take every step to promote the agricultureness in the country because its very important for good and healthy life. barren lands should be fertilized to grow crops there. government should make dams in order to store the water of rains or any flood case so that this water could be provided to the crops . farmers should be provided every faciltiy and support. they should be provided better chemicals and modern machinary for crops planting. poverty is the main problem in the villages . they sell their lands and come to the cities for earning money profession . i this way the agricultureness has not been supported .government should take justice steps for villagers ao that they urged to grow crops and not come in cities . hope my writings will be understood and appreciated. thanks.