Product Review

Echo Dot (Second Generation):

The product I am going to discuss today is one of the most personalized and modified portable device. I am talking about a device that has a small built in speaker, you can connect it with your home stereo system. It has a 3.5mm jack so that it works with your headphones for audio format as well. Echo dot is a second-generation technology containing all the features that are enough to make you fall in love with this device. Echo dot works with Bluetooth signals as well, so that you don’t have to keep dragging a wire along with speakers anymore.

This small hockey puck shaped gadget is a unique innovational technology powered by amazon voice activated. The device is likely to be named as personal assistant, Alexa. The most interesting fact about this compact device is that, you can ask questions with Alexa. Following are the examples like:

  1. What’s the weather like today?
  2. What’s in the news?
  3. What’s hot today?
  4. Frequent questions.

This is a complete innovation in the era of technology by Amazon. Another unique feature of this mini sized portable speaker is the artificial intelligence. It is connected with more than 3000 apps; amazon call them skills. This speaker uses your command and then check which app is suitable for answering such kind of command. This product is even more intellectual than an android app.

I personally used this echo dot. Which is why I can’t leave a single opportunity to share my experience with Alexa. I remember it, it was Monday, bright sunny day, I was about to leave for college and bell rang, I went to the door hoping that it the technology blast I order few days is now arrived. When I unpacked it from box, the first thing I did was connected it with Bluetooth. As I heard the sound, I took it with me to college. When I showed this speaker to my friends, they ordered it right on the spot.

The mechanism of the Alexa is complex, as it is providing you with the beneficiary details that you could need to know. It is more cost effective than the previous, echo dost (1st generation). The original echo dot was worth 90$ and now this technology is worth 50$ only.

The echo dot has many unique features, but if we talk about the body and weight. It has the most compact and most smooth surface. Round, small shaped this wireless speaker can turn your party on. Its compactness makes it portability easier and more reliable. Talking about the weight of the Alexa. I would like to go with perfect. It is lighter in weight as compared to other portable sound systems. You can link it in your home, or in your car, or in office when you want to take some time off for tea.

Echo dot makes it completely innovative start to the market of technology providing its owner with the most luxurious and comfort sound. Let’s talk about the durability of the Alexa.


The durability of this product is more than enough. It has a strong hard coating outside, and it is strongly packed inside. If we talk about my personal experience with its durability. I have had so many experiences, I would like to share few of them. Once, I was moving upstairs running, I was holding Alexa in my hands and suddenly, it slipped away. First, I felt like, OMG!

Guess what, nothing happened. I was already listening to song on Alexa. When it felt down, I was wondering why did not it went down? Because I was seriously amazed by the durability at that time. Like personally if it would be my IPhone 6s, which is far way expensive than this portable Alexa. I would have to face lot of damage.