Logicose, Karachi, Pakistan

Industry: Information Technology and Services
Business Entity: Sole Proprietorship
Location: Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Established In: Nov 2009
No. of Employees: -
  • About Logicose

    We are a startup IT company specializing in content production services. We develop research based custom articles, product reviews, e-books, travel guides and content for websites & blogs. We have clients all over the world but majority of our clients are based in USA, UK and Australia. We are growing at an exponential pace and looking for young and energetic writers to join our team.
  • About Logicose

    Logicose was founded on the core principles of providing products and services that help clients succeed.

    We are dedicated to helping our clients find success in the battlefields of digital marketing and Information Technology at large. Our team of web designers, content specialists, sales executives, programmers, and SEO pros give our clients all the tools and services they need for a profitable online presence.

    Since its inception in 2009, Logicose has partnered with thousands of organizations around the world, helping each one realize the potential of technology to achieve their mission and improve outcomes.

    Today, Logicose offers specialized IT services – some of which didn’t even exist when we first started! There’s a consistent focus on expanding our services to ensure that we continue to grow as aggressively as we have. We are immensely proud of the achievements we’ve been able to accomplish through our hard work. But talk to a Logician, any Logician, and you’ll know that we’re still determined to reach even higher pinnacles of success.


    What really sets Logicose apart as an organization are our people. Logicose does not just hire on the basis of experience or education, we look for a can-do attitude. Passion for continuous professional development, a target based approach, and a relentless drive to not settle for the status quo are just a few of the attributes the people of Logicose exhibit day in and out. At Logicose, the professional development of our people has been and will remain our competitive advantage. Our transparent, performance based appraisal systems, focus on training and development, and clear career paths help ensure that our people unlock their true potential.


    Every core department and position at Logicose contributes to and operates through our in-house created systems. From applying for a job at Logicose to servicing client orders, each function is optimized for efficiency and effectiveness. As an IT company, we consistently think of, deploy, and then reassess how what we do can be done better. Our Content Production System, Customer Relationship Management system, Client Dashboard Tool, Recruitment Management System, and Employee Portal are just a few examples of many that showcase Logicose’s focus of creating software that streamlines business processes. These are some of the best systems in the world. And not only are these created and maintained by our talented development team, but we actively seek suggestions from everyone at Logicose to make these systems better. That’s right, all our employees pitch-in towards the creation and improvement of our systems, software, and ultimately the organization!


    Logicose brings together professionals from various disciplines and backgrounds as well as with complementary skills. Together we work on a uniquely global scale, taking on complex, strategic projects that no one else can deliver with such expertise and accuracy. When it comes to digital marketing and IT services, we operate with an approach that’s more sustainable than others in the industry. Ultimately, we want to generate more value for our clients, ensuring that they have the best possible services that deliver to their exact needs.

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