Helix, Islamabad, Pakistan

Industry: Medical Devices
Business Entity: Joint Venture
Location: Islamabad, Islamabad capital territory, Pakistan
Established In: Oct 2015
No. of Employees: 20
  • About Helix

    Sound is a part of living. People are talking to express themselves. Those who are unable to hear the sound, they complains. Considering the volume of noise in case of complaints, the sound become complex and not clearly communicated. A good hearing aid can solve this problem by reducing the acoustic problems. A person who suffers from hearing loss, understand why hearing loss is a serious concern for many individuals regardless of the magnitude at which it occurs. Perhaps the most effective way to solve the problems of hearing loss is to use a hearing aid.
  • Message From CEO

    Life is beautiful with its naturalness. Life is beautiful with health. Life is beautiful with energy full of hopes. Life is far too beautiful when those people suffering hearing problems live happily without being afraid of communicating and giving away from their lives, with obstacles removed between life and targets and living their lives to the full freely without being in need of anyone else.

    Our entire target is to remove any obstacles of communication and dialogue on the ways of all those people suffering from hearing problems and to free the life. Offering the state-of-the-art technology, the most advantageous science and the finest of sounds will please us. The main theme of our projects, studies and innovations is to hear all sounds as beautiful as they are. Hearing problem may become a social and psychological problem if it is not timely solved by an appropriate hearing devices.Therefore, benefits from a hearing aid used at the right time are greater. We, as HELIX HEARING do always stand by those people suffering from hearing problem and do spend all our time in solving their problems.

    Share your problems with us so that we can produce solutions for a better living, more communication and happier dialogues.

    Health and well-being be with you.
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