Khozam International Trade  Links, Islamabad, Pakistan

Khozam International Trade Links, Islamabad, Pakistan

Industry: Accounting
Business Entity: Partnership
Location: Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan
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No. of Employees: 2

About Khozam International Trade Links Pakistan

  • To be the most efficient providers of manpower to the G.C.C in terms of speed and quality of service. Our goals include providing our clients a brand that they are able to believe and turn to whenever in need of professional overseas manpower from Pakistan. We aspire towards creating a bench-marked service which will be envied by all Pakistani Overseas Manpower Promoter. In this way Khozam will not only inspire but also instill pride via simple association.
  • Company Profile

    Khozam International Trade Links was established in 1992 after realizing the need for direction and guidance in providing manpower services from Asian regions specifically Pakistan to the Gulf. We have decades of experience in recruiting personnel for skilled and unskilled jobs at different levels. Our mission is to assist employers in recruitment and placement of expert workers who in turn are able to earn a better living. The people selected for the positions made available to us by our prestigious employers are able to have prosperous careers and an overall brighter future filled with professional achievements.
    Soon after Khozam was established it became a prominent organization due to our goal-oriented professional staff. Our staff is always keen to provide professional services to our esteemed clients. Khozam follows simple yet integral principles of transparency and fair dealings with its clients (both prospective employers and employees). We are always prepared to be useful intermediaries between the client and employer. Our aforementioned integral principle is a major reason why we have been able to recruit a large number of clients for our public and private sector employers.
    Our offices, located in key locations within urban metropolises, are able to accumulate a large number of capable applicants. The applicant pool is further widened with the use of current social media and varied other digital media practices. Khozam International Trade Links is well equipped with robust operating systems and internet capabilities so as to avoid inconveniences to our employers and clients. Our professional managerial staff is trained to satisfy client queries regarding services and procedures to be followed when applying to work for an available position. We follow international standards and all our processes are ISO9001 compliant.
    Our motto to both employers and employees is: let us help you because by helping you we are able to achieve our mission, our raison d’être.
  • Our Services

    Human Resource Solutions
    The competitive business environment exerts pressures on employers and businesses everywhere to improve efficiency and increase productivity. Governments are also leading the charge by improving services to citizens and in doing so are investing in human resource acquisition and development. All sectors of the economy need to focus on quality human resources whether it is to provide superior services or to differentiate themselves from the competition. Khozam is your ally and is ready to stand hand in hand with you to support your mission for improved, trained and enabled human resources.

    Overseas Employment
    Every human being wants the same thing: a bright future, great opportunities to learn, develop and to support our families so they to can realize their full potential. Overseas employment opportunities are available to those who are qualified and willing to take their careers to the next level. Whether you are a skilled or un-skilled job seeker, rest assured that Khozam has the experience and the contacts to help you find opportunities that match your skills so that you too may realize your potential.

    To ensure success and to aid us in our mission for high quality placements, we are always looking for credible partners. Partners help us in identifying opportunities and at times take the lead in fulfilling manpower supply contracts. We remain poised to work with partners to support them with all the services and resources at our disposal.

Jobs in Khozam International Trade Links

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