Red Cubez, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Industry: Information Technology and Services
Business Entity: Private Limited Company (Pvt. Ltd.)
Location: Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan
Established In: Feb 2017
No. of Employees: 8
  • About Red Cubez

    We are Red Cubez, your non-traditional fully stacked software application development company friend. We don’t deal with clients - we only make partners -- YOU. Our approach to application development is a somewhat unconventional one. We don’t just take on projects; first, we understand the scope of your idea, and its intended use. Then, we provide an unbiased opinion regarding its feasibility, acceptability in market and whether you should continue on this journey and then we hop in for the ride together. We take our partners through the lifecycle of the product creation, its different aspects, and keep them in the loop through its entirety. Our agile development approach allows us to showcase our progress quicker - providing a chance for iterations along the way.

    Red Cubez is a firm with a dream of creating technology to help individuals and public at large in living a comfortable and content life. We believe in creating efficient and enjoyable products so people can focus on their work, not the tools. The core of our company is our partners - our clients. We stand behind any solution we provide, maintaining relations in order to facilitate with any problems our clients might have in the future.

  • Vision

    Our vision is to provide intuitive and creative technological tools enabling people to succeed in their goals.

  • Our Values

    Productive Partnerships - We form partnerships to understand a business. We only propose solutions once we are sure of it and stay clear of the fluff.

    Directness - we believe in being direct, honest and open in our communication with our partners and valued team members. We do not conceal or gussy up.

    Responsibility over rigidity - when possible we give people the responsibility to make a decision and hold them accountable for that instead of imposing rules and approval processes.

    Progressive Value Add - We work at a sustainable pace. We do not promise what we can't deliver. We apply our best effort to our work and do not make any excuses.

    Pride in work - Our craft and our products are a matter of pride for us. We stand by what we deliver.

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