Extreme Track, Multan, Pakistan
Extreme Track, Multan, Pakistan

Extreme Track, Multan, Pakistan

Established In: Jan 2009
No. of Employees: 5

About Extreme Track Pakistan

  • Well known company in vehicle tracking industry

    The EXTREME TRACK was established with the slogan (security you need). Our aim of providing safety to individual car owner bit also to provide relief to automobile manufacturing sector, lease/finance industry and insurance sector.

    The EXTREME TRACK tracking company was incorporated with the security exchange commission of Pakistan.

    EXTREME TRACK was established in 2008 with an idea of providing the most modern GPRS Based Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Technology to Pakistan. As we embark on the next stage of the Fleet Management revolution, EXTREME TRACK has committed itself to being a true leader in Fleet Management. This is one of the most important times in EXTREME TRACK history. We have emerged from a challenging period in the previous years as a much stronger company today. One that is now more focused, streamlined, and more committed than ever to true innovation. In Pakistan is the only Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Company having the global resources in place for both R&D and certainly for the technological capability. Due to high levels of customer service, a significant numbers of our innovative, educated and quality conscious customers including most national and multinational companies continue repeat business with us t maximize the fleet efficiency and to take the maximum benefits of there investment as per International Standards.

  • Vision and Mission


    Be a quality provider mobile assets management solution.

    The EXTREME TRACK vision is to become a leading company of mobile tracking and communications. This country , and the world, is in the midst of a communications revolution, enable by the Internet, GSM technology and GPS location capability. The tip of the vehicle connection iceberg has been exposed. Less than 1% of vehicles have any sort of communication devices in them and the enabling technologies, which are allowing us to cost effectively create into a superior product serving the explosive market expansion in mobile communication system.


    Achieve the vision by offering asset owners cost-effective solutions for managing mobile assets and security for your immovable assets. Flexible products and services are provided, to allow customers to solve a wide range of assets management problems, increasing revenue and reducing cost.

Jobs in Extreme Track

Marketing Manager Bahawalpur, Pakistan

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