Tejar.pk, Karachi, Pakistan
Tejar.pk, Karachi, Pakistan

Tejar.pk, Karachi, Pakistan

Established In: Apr 2014
No. of Employees: 45

About Tejar.pk Pakistan

  • Tejar.pk is an e-commerce company that has been operating in Pakistan since 2015. Our aim is to offer impeccable services to our customers by providing them genuine international brands that are not easily accessible in the local market.

    We are continuously working towards the betterment of our company and offer explicit prices that are reasonable for our customers. Our stance is to offer a transparent medium to our customers that they are able to trust and get services that are effective and efficient.

    What makes us different from other e-commerce businesses is that we work on the basis of customer satisfaction. We engage in no unethical attributes and employ people that prioritize customer apprehensions.

    Tejar.pk is like a family in itself. Every order delivered is with great care. We make sure that every order reaches its owner at the specified time and place.

    Tejar.pk is a nascent initiation into the world of online shopping, with a sole ambition of transfiguring the local e-commerce industry by offering a diverse assortment of top international brands and catering the desires of the local community. We are a one-stop-shop that you'll ever need to visit for your fashion, technological and lifestyle needs. We are the pioneer in offering 100% genuine and brand new products directly shipped from our warehouses located in UAE and USA.

    We are committed to offer our customers with a streamlined, reliable and viable shopping experience with the biggest range of high-quality products of international brands. We aim to obliterate sprints and conduit the clefts that presently lies amid shoppers and international brands.

  • Our Values

    Cater the Customer

    Catering the needs and expectations of our customers is our foremost value. We have a passion and zeal to surpass the expectancy of our customers in terms of reliable service and quality products. We always seek to excel in crafting ways to serve our customers efficiently which has remained our principal precedence.

    Our Asset

    We have a team of exceptional innovators, thinkers, and entrepreneurs – people with a passion and aptitude to transform business and serve people above their expectations. We believe our people are our biggest asset and we invest in people who form the mainstay of our company – and we believe that "A Happy employee is a Healthy employee for the company".

    Pursuit of Excellence

    We're in inexorable quest of superiority, incessantly levitating our own standards to ensure that we endure at the vanguard of the e-commerce industry. We are in pursuit of becoming the largest national brand of the country where our Name represents the trust and conviction.

Jobs in Tejar.pk

Customer Services Specialist Karachi, Pakistan
Content Writer Karachi, Pakistan
Content Strategist Karachi, Pakistan
UX Designer Karachi, Pakistan
Customer Service Specialist Karachi, Pakistan
UX And UI Designer Karachi, Pakistan
Scrum Master Karachi, Pakistan
Accountant Karachi, Pakistan
Web Designer Karachi, Pakistan

Tejar.pk Operation Hours

10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

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