Incisive Communications, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Industry: Telecommunications
Business Entity: Private Limited Company (Pvt. Ltd.)
Location: Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan
Established In: Sep 2018
No. of Employees: 30
  • About Incisive Communications

    This is a call center based in rawalpindi.

    We are dailing on US based projects.

    At this time we are running two diffrent projects.

  • Our Services

    Content Writing

    We at Incisive Communications, consider Content Writing to be absolutely crucial for making a Clear & Vibrant impression on your customers. Therefore, after in-depth understanding of your business & services, we provide exclusive content for your website.

    Customer Services

    At Incisive Communications, our philosophy of Customer Services is far better than any of our competitors. Initial contact with any of our respected customer always inspires them & encourages them to express their concerns openly & with a caring & focused response from our end, the time spent is always useful & beneficial for both parties

    Game Development

    Starting with thorough research of the trends in gaming, we at Incisive Communications have vast technical & dexterity resources when it comes to first defining exactly what type/genre of game is expected by the gamers all around the world & then to funnel all of the information into a calculated series of procedures that eventually results in creating a game that can be a sensation worldwide with its perfect architecture, design & playfulness.

    Web Design & Development

    With highly skilled team of IT Professionals working at Incisive Communications; we are recognized as one of the Leaders in Web.

    Outbounding Calls

    The Tougher the challenge; the more determined we are at Incisive Communications. One of the domains of our services.

    SEO Services

    Incisive Communications has worked extensively on SEO & has acquired tremendous amount of rating optimization for a number of clients.

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