Here's the list of latest Sole Proprietorship Companies in Pakistan


Talk Agent

We are a reputeable call centre serving the marking for ore than a decade.WHO WE ARE & WHAT WE DO!TalkAgent is an ultimate solution for all of your outsourcing needs. We provide non voice customer service as well as IT man


Tired of sifting through endless websites to compare mobile phone prices? At PriceUpdate, we're your one-click solution for finding the best phone deals in Pakistan.Whether you're a budget ninja or a tech fanatic, we've g


NUMTECH models the dispersion of pollutants released into the air in order to estimate their effects on the health of populations, fauna and flora.

NHive Ltd.

NHive LTD is a small Web and Software design company with international Clients.

Dar-e-Arqam Schools

DAR E ARQAM SCHOOL is a renowned educational institution operating as a Sole Proprietorship in Education Management in Gujranwala, Pakistan. Established with the aim of providing quality education to students, the school has been serving the commu

Munich TES

Munich TES is currently seeking few talented and experienced employees who will be responsible for designing, developing, implementing, and maintaining custom solutions to meet our clients (mostly America & Europe based) requirements. If you h

Reliance Energy Solutions

Suppose your primary concern is to get high-quality solar power. In that case, Reliance is one of the best options to put into consideration as we lead the way in sustainability, and cost competitiveness and are the fastest-growing PV technology.

AG & Company

AG is a well-established construction company operating as a Sole Proprietorship in Lahore, Pakistan. With a strong reputation for excellence and quality workmanship, AG has been serving clients in the construction industry for over 10 years.<

Yahya International

Yahya International is a well-established Import and Export company based in Lahore, Pakistan. Operating as a Sole Proprietorship, we have been serving clients both locally and internationally for numerous years. Our main areas of focus in

Bushra Abbas

It&#39;s an organization for personal development and professional development coaching provided to individuals. Bushra Abbas is the CEO and She&#39;s a certified business coach from ABNLP- an American board of NLP. Along with that, she&#39;s a tr


NordKing is a sportswear manufacturing &amp; Exporting company with Head Office in Denmark.

Lalani Associates

Lalani &amp; Associates is a professional services firm that provides Citizenship &amp; Residency services through global investor immigration programs, offering pathways to residency and citizenship in Canada, USA, Turkey, UK, USA and other count

Tell World Solutions

Tell World Solutions is a telecommunications company based in Lahore, Pakistan, operating as a Sole Proprietorship. Founded with a vision to revolutionize the way people connect and communicate, Tell World Solutions offers a wide range of services

Continental Bearing Impex

Continental Bearing Implex are contributing in imports and exports of Pakistan. They are exporting and importing there products from China and other countries.

Gateway Dispatch Services

We help find the best freight load possible with the highest prices and focus on booking round trip so every trip is loaded on weekly basis.Gateway dispatch services is a &ldquo;Full Service&rdquo; truck dispatching company that helps carri

Alpha Knitting Pvt. Ltd.

Alpha Knitting is a well-established Sole Proprietorship operating in the Apparel &amp; Fashion industry in Faisalabad, Pakistan. We specialize in producing high-quality knitted garments for customers both locally and internationally. With over 10

Desk Work Solution

In the current climate every business now requires an online platform in order to grow sales and beat its competitors. Desk work solution is the ultimate platform with the tools and facilities to help build the path leading to your desired goals.

Mart Of Tech

Mart of Tech is a leading computer software company operating as a Sole Proprietorship in Lahore, Pakistan. Established with the vision of providing innovative solutions to meet the technological needs of businesses and individuals, Mart of Tech h
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