Have you ever noticed some very annoying facts about famous companies? Have you ever noticed Rolls Royce, Apple, Kenwood, Mercedes, Hummer have any commercials? We are living in 21st century and everything is commercialized. While watching dramas or news on TV, we see a lot of commercials from different companies.

Business depends on advertisement. This is a quote from different business tycoons. They believe on advertisement, commercials and marketing, but why famous companies like mentioned above come with commercials to attract their clients and provide detailed specs about their products? Which way they follow to attract people?

No one is saying that commercials and advertisements are not the good way. They are the best. But how famous companies come up with commercials we will review it in this article. 

Difference between Commercials and advertisements


Commercials are basically advertisements. Commercial is either a short film or a voice narrative of a product.  This is a type of advertisement. You can see commercials on television.

Advertisements can be found in magazines/newspapers, on billboards in public places as well as on TV, radio and the Internet nowadays.  People use Social networks like facebook, hi5, and twitter for their ads. We come across thousands of ads daily by browsing internet.  So this is the difference between commercials and advertisements. 

Why advertisement is necessary


It is important to advertise your product. If you launched a new company, people around you have no time to buy and check it except if you are selling a product which is unique and not available in the market. Otherwise you will be failed!

A new company always needs an advertisement plan. You have to put the specifications of the product, the price tag, quality and everything you got in your product and you want to provide to your valuable customers. People have many things to be done. You need to extract their attention in a short time

Let me clear it with an image


Guess what this ad is about?

I found it on internet while browsing. I looked at it, smile and tried to find out why this grandma is wheeling? It’s a snap from a full commercial of Red Bull’s advertisement. Look at it. Its unique and conveying the concept. Isn’t it?

Grandma in this picture is wheeling after trying red bull. Red bull is an energy drink. Yeah! It provides energy that’s why grandma is wheeling.

 Attract people! This is important.

Quality matters


 Why we use to buy Honda instead of Datsun . Datsun is a good company. Honda is founded in 1948 while Datsun in 1931. Datsun is a good company but it’s not the best. Honda is the best. Rolls Royce is the best. We prefer to buy it even if we have no time for their commercials and ads. This is because of the quality product.

Take the example of Nokia. Nokia has around 122,000 employees across 120 countries, sales in more than 150 countries and annual revenues of around €38 billion. The annual revenue of Nokia is more than the annual budget of most of the countries. This is called quality. They’ve earned the trust around the world. Have you ever heard Nokia has that revenue due to the best advertisement and commercial? They are depending on quality products.

All the above discussion gives us the conclusion that product doesn’t depend on commercials and advertisement; it depends on the quality product. Quality, not quantity.

Quality Assurance???????


Quality assurance is the main thing. You can provide a quality product to your customers but if you can’t maintain the quality of the product, it’s your defeat. You will go up and suddenly you will be down. Market is a place for competitors. If you have no passion about your quality assurance you can’t be succeeded. 

Ever you heard about McDonnell Douglas. They always built quality aircrafts. They had value beside commercials. In early 90’s when Airbus intended to collaborate with European aerospace company, Douglas signed a MoU (memorandum of understanding) with Boeing. McDonnell Douglas and Boeing agreed to merge their businesses, in an attempt to challenge business giant like Airbus. This sudden decision gave some life to McDonnell Douglas. This is the way you observe competitors. You should know what are the techniques other companies are using to compete with you. 


Finding the feedback from customers in also important. An overall results from the feedback can divide a company in four categories. 

Company is Providing EXCELLENT product.

Company is Providing GOOD product.

Company is Providing AVERAGE product.

Company is Providing POOR product.

At least a good company with a quality product (without even an advertisement campaign) should be in above average category.???????