Maxim International (Pvt.) Ltd., Lahore, Pakistan

Industry: Dairy
Business Entity: Private Limited Company (Pvt. Ltd.)
Location: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Established In: Jan 2009
No. of Employees: 100

About Maxim International (Pvt.) Ltd. Pakistan

  • Founded in 2009, with a passion to contribute to Pakistan’s Livestock and agriculture sector, Maxim International is a joint venture of European Agro Ventures, Babar Ali Foundation and The Blue Link, Netherlands. Maxim’s primary objective is to provide trusted animal feeds, fodder seeds and customized nutrition solutions to help maximize the performance of small and commercial farmers.

    We have developed strong strategic alliances with global leaders in the feed and seed industry over the years strengthening our business profile. We work closely with industry pioneers like World Wide Sires (WWS), Elders, Artex, Selected Seeds and more. As our profile grows so does our outreach, Maxim is aggressively expanding its export interests in the Asian and Middle East Markets.

    We occupy a unique position across the agri industry of Pakistan. Our focus is to increase the economic well-being of the farmers, improve the sustainability of food production and all along that chain add value and drive profit for our partners. We do this by investing in new sciences, driving the use of technology and using data to deliver insight and drive real time improvements. We’re the fastest growing agriculture company, and we’re expanding our local footprint to become a major agri-business.Maxim’s biggest test has been to challenge the conventional feed practices in the country. While we continue to face resistance, we are proud to stay firm in our stance against aflatoxin and blood meal content in animal feed. Maxim continues to educate farmers about the dangers to both animals and humans of using these contents in feed. To ensure that our product quality remains uncompromised, Maxim follows strict standards.

    Our research and quality consists of highlight qualified veterinary professionals and microbiologists that keeps a close check on all ingredients.Our biggest strength has been our unique blend of highly motivated and skilled professionals in sales, supply chain, production and more. The relatively young and dynamic team of professionals has allowed Maxim to inculcate fresh perspective and move with zeal in the industry. Our human resource has allowed us the competitive advantage that no one else in the industry enjoys.

Maxim International (Pvt.) Ltd. Operation Hours

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