United We Reach, Lahore, Pakistan

Industry: E-Learning
Business Entity: Nonprofits
Location: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Established In: Feb 2015
No. of Employees: 50
  • About United We Reach

    UnitedWeREACH works in cooperation with Bridge International Academies. Bridge International Academies is the world’s largest chain of primary and pre-primary schools bringing world-class education to the poorest of the poor, democratizing the right to succeed. While Bridge International Academies delivers on an amazing promise to providing low-cost ($5/month/student) education to hundreds of thousands of needy students. However, 10-15% of students are still unable to afford this small tuition fee and they are forced to forego their educational dreams - temporarily or permanently .

    UnitedWeREACH is a non-for-profit charitable organization that provides scholarships to students, who are unable to pay the nominal tuition fee. In addition, UnitedWeREACH helps families cover the additional (educational) costs necessary to satisfy supplies, and other necessities. UnitedWeREACH is also working with Bridge International Academies to bring their model to other regions of the world.

    UnitedWeREACH has chosen to work with Bridge International Academies because of their low structural and administrative costs, and their use of technology and analytics to maximize the quality of their schools. They serve the most deserving of students, who otherwise would not be able to receive a much needed education.
  • About Bridge International Academies

    Bridge leverages research, technology, and data analysis in order to standardize and scale the entire lifecycle of high-quality education delivery and to drive continuous improvement across all aspects of operations. This includes how academies are built, teachers are selected and trained, lessons are delivered and monitored for improvement, and more. Bridge pupils gain an additional .34 standard deviation on core reading skills and an additional .51 standard deviation on maths compared to their peers in neighboring schools, based on USAID-designed exams administered by an independent monitoring and evaluation company this translated into over 250 additional days of learning. Thanks to economies of scale, Bridge is able to charge just $6 a month per pupil on average with academies reaching operational sustainability after just one year.

    The first Bridge International Academy opened in the Mukuru slum in Nairobi, Kenya in 2009. Today there are hundreds and Bridge continues to expand across Africa and Asia. New academies are opening at a rate of one every 2.5 days. With a mission of Knowledge for all, Bridge plans to educate 10,000,000 children across a dozen countries by 2025.
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