Aquaguard, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Industry: Consumer Services
Business Entity: Sole Proprietorship
Location: Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan
Established In: May 1998
No. of Employees: 25
  • About Aquaguard

    Welcome To Aquaguard

    A name of innovation, a tradition of leadership, an array of indispensable products and a life-changing business opportunity. WATER IS EVERYWHERE - in the air, in the ground, in the rivers and lakes. Water makes up a majority of your body. Water promotes skin and muscle tone, assists in weight loss, transports nutrients to cells, eliminates toxins, wastes and regulates body temperature.
    AQUAGUARD is dedicated to serve you best quality water which gives you healthy lifestyle. AQUAGUARD is the premier manufacturer of high quality drinking water systems. Our vision is to demonstrate through innovative water filtration technology and an extraordinary opportunity for success.

  • History

    AQUAGUARD is a leading water filter company in Pakistan which originally started out in 1997. At the time we began manufacturing, selling and installing equipment into many different applications such as domestic whole house filtration & softening Plants, Reverse Osmosis System, bottling plants, pharmaceutical, poultry, hatchery, flour mills, textiles and other water related projects.
    AQUAGUARD had taken on a new vision, focused on drinking water related projects with high standards of providing quality, reliability, aesthetics, and services. After several years of installing equipment in many different cities trough out nationwide & internationally we did a complete re-design of how equipment was designed and manufactured to make it much friendly for people to use as well as get parts for repair and maintenance. This focus on redesigning the equipment for its better usability, reliability and easy maintenance is still a core element of the company today. We are always striving to improve aspects of our high quality products which have led us to be an industry leader.

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