Cool Point (Pvt.) Ltd., Lahore, Pakistan
Cool Point (Pvt.) Ltd., Lahore, Pakistan

Cool Point (Pvt.) Ltd., Lahore, Pakistan

Established In: May 2016
No. of Employees: 25

About Cool Point (Pvt.) Ltd. Pakistan

  • Cool Point (Pvt.) Ltd. is proud to introduce itself as the largest manufacturer of customized HVAC/R equipment in Pakistan. We cater to the increasing demand of air-conditioning and refrigeration for all industrial sectors, while keeping in mind the cost of energy and the concern for the environment. In addition to creating a comfortable environment, regardless of the climate, conditioned air is essential to the operations of our customers in high-tech manufacturing, hospitals, food processing and many other industries.

    As the subsidiary of Waves, Cool Point (Pvt.) Ltd. follows the same traditions which are built upon a legacy of innovation and a commitment. Since 1971, we have been striving to provide our customers with state of the art technology at a competitive price. With the certification of ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004, Cool Point (Pvt.) Ltd. ensures quality in every facet of its process and a promise for a healthy environment.

    We have a technical set-up of the largest After-Sales Network in Pakistan. Comprising of more than 250 certified service centers stretched across 17 cities which we pass on to our valued customers with immediate 24 hours response. Our testing lab ensures that our performance is up to the mark with ARI Standards. Our products comply and are specifically tested in house to international ARI Standards. Our tailor-made systems can be found working behind the scenes at all major pharmaceuticals, supplying germ-free air in operation theaters and even providing customized solutions for food preservation.

    Cool Point (Pvt.) Ltd. has a wide and growing range of air conditioning systems. Here are a few of our products.
    • DX / Chilled Water Air Handling Units
    • Pharma Grade Package Type Unit
    • Air / Water Cooled Chillers
    • Classic Series Air Handling Units (with Thermal Break Profile)
    • Cold Room / Reefer Container
    • Refrigeration Unit / Evaporator Unit for Cold Rooms
    • Visi Coolers / Floor Standing Display Freezers
    • CMV-DC Inverter VRF System
    • Floor Standing Cabinet
    • Packaged and Mobile Packaged type Units
    • DX Type Condensing Unit
    • Cooling / Heating Coils

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